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Roger Mc (San José, Costa Rica)
Hello there!
Cogratulations from Costa Rica!
I haven't lost track of your works, they are boldly great!
I hope someday we have some Gregos faces in our Costa Rican walls as well!!

Ririn Mulyono (Malang, Indonesia)
Loved your art works.Wonderful concept. Two thumbs up! Congratulation!

Marta Melniczuk (Ebersberg, Germany)
Your artwork contains great fantasy, creative emotions can be feeled, the viewer gets directly involved into pictures by
fascinating colour movements and deep impressions remain in his soul!
Dr. Marta Melniczuk

Yoni Samuel (Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel)
it is amazing own many mood you can put on the same face so much expression gregos thank you so much for this good

Ykema Janice Art (Toronto, usa)
your idea is fun and innovative... :)

Simon siggs (Sydney ,Australia)
love this what a great concept

Zeinab Nour (Cairo, Egypt)
really marvellous
z idea, z imagination & of course z colours, not to mention z ironic impressions in each face, now I always have dreamed to
visit Paris, I am not going 2 forget to make sure to see u face to face, my artist face
best wishes from Egyt

Silvia Bastos (New York,Usa)
Great Concept, Congratulations!

Shalimar Morfa Carrington (Coral Springs, USA)
Gregos, vous êtes très doués et votre art est amélioré par l'etalents d'entre d'autres. Que Dieu vous bénisse et beaucoup
de Baisers... Shalimar

Mary Varela Witham (Coral Springs, USA)
AMAZING... I would like to paint at least one myself. Bonjour Gregos

Nezih Çavuşoğlu (Istanbul, Turkey)
I like what you are doing , I find it extreamly creative and I think it adds touch of art to the streets of Paris , like always.

Nicola Cendamo (Italy)
bravo sei originale!!!!!!!!!!!! continua così ciao.

Naseem Khan (Toronto, USA)
First of all thaks for including me in your friends list. I am also artist. I have 10years of teaching experience of art. I was in
karachi university it is very nice university. But know i am in quetta it is in same country Pakistan. But quetta is undavelope
city. its city. But the meantle groath of the people is steel un davelope. They live in 2009 but they think like stone age
people. For the sake of art i did try to bring the presentatione of my studant in the street but the problem is thinking of our
city people and anti artists and anti art conditione. You are lucky you displayed your work tow years befor. Its very nice to
make the part of public. I realy like to know what the public says about our art. Belive me people know about art alote of
thinks.but they have no study of instetutions but they feel it. It is very nice about the comunicatione between art and

Tara Emmerson (Melbourne, Australia)
Interesting work. I like how it brings people together. Tara.

Superstroke Art (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Thank you for the message Gregos. I really like your art and concept. I think it will become world famous. If there is
anything the Supestroke Art Movement can do to further your cause please let me know.
Conrad Bo
The Supestroke Art Movement

Miriam Aroeste (North Vancouver, Canada)
Your project is very interesting, how long have you been doing it?
What is the next step

Soraya Cristo (Colombia)
Nice work. I love your concept and to show the art work in the streets. Most of the people don´t go to the galleries or

Robert Sophie (Ile de la reunion, France)
J'adore ton travail greg cela te corresponds vraiment !!!! félicitation et continue

Renate Van Dijken (West Palm Beach,usa)
Original concept!
Thanks for sharing!
Best, Renate

Susie Farrell Butcher (Tyler, USA)

DUANER (Chartres, France)
Concept intéressant et très amusant.
A creuser dans la même direction...
Si votre lien est un masque,je pourrai l'ajouter sur ma liste de liens dans mon site:

Olivio Sarikas (Vienna, Austria)
Very nice! I love it! If you ever come to vienna i would love to meet you.

Phil Schulz (Auckland, New Zealand)
wow they are great .. what fun ... love them !!

Tunggul Marpaung (Bandung 1, Indonesia)
Really impressed by your unique and fabulous street art concept :) make the world more and more proud of Paris...
They proud either to live in or have visited Paris!...wish to pay a visit and enjoy your art in person someday...
Cheers from SE Asia,

Stefano Di Lorito (Genova, Italy)
Hi Gregos. I've visited your site. Your creations are powerful. Usually I don't like artists who play too much with his own face
or body. But your idea is very good. It has the misterious, magic effect, like old Gargoyles. The use of the same form (your
face) for infinite transformations with colors, suggest the infinite different souls and characters that live inside each
person. I'm deeply involved, in my art, with the concept of multiple identity and conditioning by environments.
Good works

Marco Aguilar (Caracas, Venezuela)
Gregos you art and your project is very good in my opinion. I think that your way to show your artwork in the Paris urban
landscape is very riginal. As you knoe in my recent trip to Paris I saw some of your excellent face integrated with the
street. Thanks for your art. Best regards, Marco Aguilar.

Trudy Abler (FIRENZE, ITALY)
Simply Fantastic ! COMPLIMENTI !! Sei un Artista di un'immensa creativita'.
Best wishes T E Abler-de Carli

Mark Carter (Essex Junction, USA)
What a great, imaginative, inspirational idea! It fits the arts in Paris like a glove.

Mitchell Poor (Missoula, USA)
Incredible project Gregos! Congratulations!

Erika Madrid (Villa Gesell, Argentina)
IS GREATTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gregory de la Haba (New York, USA)
Great Stuff! Get in touch with my friend Stephan Britt on FB...He photograps all the faces found in NYC street art! Best, G.

Christiane Braun (France)
j'aime ces visages sur les murs,
partage généreux de votre art avec les gens.
Continuez c'est communicatif et amusant !!!
christiane :))

Karina Mingrone (Argentina)
Me encanta el arte q realizas, me parece ingenioso y muy valorable!

Karen Marchand (Berkeley, USA)
hi - art -i think this is a great idea for urban art - ive done some art created with garbage that were displated randomly in
public so i like the anonymity and univerasality of your concept also its obviousely wishes,karen marchand

Lee Hudson (Little Rock, USA)
Love Paris, you and your art!!!
MUCH blessings my friend!!!

Karla Fiorella Landra (Peru)
awesome Gregos, Congratulations....imaginative and creative plastic artistic work

Gypsy Claybourne (Minneapolis, USA)
What a great project...I did enjoy visiting your site...
Thank you for the tour...
I have seen much street art and this is very creative..Best of luck to you on this venture...
Good art like good friends give us a perspective of everyday consciousness...Indeed a gift...
It comes in many forms..
Some of it is in museums
Some of it is in private collections
And some of it is right there on the street for everyone to enjoy..
Love and Peace

Il Mondo Di Suk (Napoli, Italy)
We find that your concept of art is great. It's very close to the Neapolitan lifestyle: the streets are for us a terrific stage....
Why don't you get in touch with some Neapolitan artists?... such as Augusto De Luca, that is named "cacciatore di graffiti"

Iassen Kobarelov (Montreal, Quebec)
Yes ,it is cool-is like already existed before...J'imagine aussi des grimaces...

Kathy Ostman-Magnusen (USA)
Wonderful concept. I am amazed with the tongues! The texture of the skin. Mostly though I appreciate the paintings on the
masks themselves that tell a story of the artist's soul. ~Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

FLoRian (Phoenix, USA)
Brilliant dear brother, you have found something to move on ART. I am proud of you. One thing I would like to witness,
would be one from a different perspective; i.e. higher or lower. Liberté égalité fraternité  is one of my favorites , very
CHEERS  ?Ooooo? .....Ideas coming in.....

Laurence de Lou (Belgium)
I like the Beautifull stories...!! Congratulations !!

Kathy McCallum Plouffe Schaefer (Tacoma, USA)
How do you get the eyelashes to show??? I love the concept. I would definitely do a double take if I saw one of them on
the side of a building.

Jane Monica Tvedt (Norway)
Thank you, it is very spesial.......good luck to you ;)))

Jean Loup Bézos (France)
J'ai visité votre site web, c'est une excellente idée.

Ibrahim Honjo (Port Moody, USAC)
Very good idea. I like it. Keep going Gregos. Good luck.
Peace, Joy, Love!

Jerold Bernhard Nakayama Pakasi (Jakarta, Indonesia)
looks like funny..i think it deserves for others to enjoy in your website

Kristin K Borth (Sheboygan Falls, USA)
Very nice...wish I could be there to see the faces in person!

Kristan Ryan (Wilmington, USA)

Jim Felice (Danbury, USA)
I really like what you are doing. The work is cool and the idea/concept for sharing the work is inventive. Could think of
Keith Harring, street art. Cool stuff

Frederic Berjot (Labrador, Australia)
Hi , i think your concept is smart and original ,it's organic nature makes it
so attractive, it grows and move in unexpected ways and that is what makes it pure magic.
I think you must keep surprising and creating!...go!

zoltán ludvig (Nagykanizsa, Hungary)

Janice Hollenczer (Red Hook, NY)
Excellent concept! I love the idea of other artists painting them, and think an installation of many, many blank faces on one
wall, for others to paint, would be good too. An installation like that in Washington D.C., with the faces painted to resemble
those in the government, would be hilarious - given their attitude to us American citizens. Great work - I think my favorite is
Liberte Egalite Fraternite, with the hands around the 'bars' formed by the letters L and I. Excellent! I'd love to paint one.
My own current art is of the more mundane variety, as photo restoration:
Excellent concept - you should be doing it here in the USA (lol).

Hannablue Art (Lokeren, Belgium)
the ones with the tongue out, when we see them hanging out in Bruges (Belgium) are a way to cast out evil spirits like the
Lateron, they became the symbol for the pill-swallowers and the pharmacists.
interesting stuff that surprised me when i started reading.
Lots of succes. you are making history already!

Jeremy Guffey Artist (Ocean Beach, USA)
i think that you are just getting started on a long and crazy adventure ! i am stoked for you !! congrats ! we need a face
here in little italy , san diego, california!!!!

Johny Rocca (London, England)
i am a fan from time!! whats next?

Henrik Johnsen (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Hidayet Gültekin Ressam (Sivas, Turkey)
Mr. Gregos Art, influenced me in the street about the picture. In this sense, I congratulate you. Every kind of art is a
distinct way of life. I wish you success in your work and good day.

Lars Peterson (Seattle, USA)
Great idea! Clever way to get exposure, and involve your audience!

Javier La Banca (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
This is very cool dude! Cheers!

Sylvie Poitevin (Ottawa, USA)
I love it! I've already posted your website address on my profile for everybody to see. Next time I'm in Paris, I'll check them

Khairy Hirzalla (Amman, Jordan)
Interesting work Thank you invitation it's nice to see this ideas and photos

Kathy Ostman-Magnusen (USA)
Wonderful art and expression! Congrats!
~Kathy from FB

Leone Tonkinson (Netherlands)
Love the idea, well done. Hope you consider joining us at the next europARTexpo.

Lavinia mantchorova ibba (Talamone , Italy)
The world needs of color, and the only way to see  athwart best of our eyes to other eyes, the colors and your face is our
face in the mirror and we like it because it makes them beautiful and various different and beautiful ... we want other

Dartey Bright (Tema, Ghanaa)
Great  job

Charlie Miller Art (San Diego, USA)
Hello Gregos,
I am actually Charlie's dealer and we both love your faces concept. Ah,
wish I could see them in Paris! We live in San Diego, big tourist destination.
Downtown has been renovated, thriving, the Gaslamp District. La Jolla would also be another great spot, beautiful
oceanside village with many art galleries. I am on the board of an arts foundation, Synergy is a great
group and may help spearhead something here. How would we proceed?
Jackie Hammel

Gonzalo Arrau Raurich (Santiago, Chile)
Hi Gregos,
Nice works,
Nice website.
Nice faces,
Nice paintings,
As part of sculptors group in Chile, we like more the sculptures ... : )
Good luck and congratulations.

Erwin Vanmassenhove (Wilrijk, Belgium)
keep on going, any street art deserves special attention, yours especially!!
greetings from the Stress Free Poet ;)

Gina Geo (Greece)
Thank you Gregos!
i like yours very much!
Congratulation for you project!!!! keep going!!!
i am also a puppet maker and player, so i have paint many many faces!!!!
Gina Geo

Yvonne Rhyne (Washington, USA)
I like THE PAPER of the ones I saw! I actually have somthing similar in black soap stone ... a small candy dish type thing.. I
purchased in Florida.. don't know the artist however, it is not as expressive as what you have done.

Davide Ricchetti (Modena, Italy)
you are great artist Gregor!!!ciao!!!

Georgia (Greece)
keep surpising people on the streets! keep the art out on "the rooms"

Caterina Aidala
the faces are very funny and the idea is original.i wish for you good lucky.bye
if you want you can look at my artworks on my account on facebook and tell me what do you think.bye bye

Frank Mothe (Denmark)
Your face art is showing life and make people think. Artlove and peace.

Enzo Dente (Genova, Italy)
mio caro Gregos, c'è poco da commentare, c'è invece molto da ammirare, complimenti x la tua iniziativa e.............bravo

Françoise Galland (France)
yEA? I THINK it's a good idea to be seen, it's disturbing also, so reaction of course!
why not? Good luck! sincerely

Franky Agostino (San Diego, USA)
Keep thinking out of the box my friend GREAT WORK!

Frédérique Callu (Paris, France)
the only thing I can tell you I like your art.....
I m photograper, Im taking photgrapies of street art for 20 years....
so babe what can I tell you.... go ahead
do your best in your art......
just be you
I'm folowing you
your friend
Fred Callu..... photographer

Giulio Iurissevich (Italy)
mi piace molto , complimenti

Felipe Vilches Rubio (Santiago, Chile)
Me parece que sacar registro fotos de calle, es buscar el alma perdida, en gestos, situaciones, animales, colores, luces
etc. Qu el recorrido llegue a un fin de belleza, saludos

George Kouskousis (Thessaloníki, Greece)
I saw all your photos on your website.Very nice approach!!!!!

Giusy Gravante (Gravante, Italy)
Ciao sono un'artista italiana devo ammettere che le tue opere sono molto belle ed originali, alla prima occasione che avrò
di visitare Parigi sarò lieta di ammirarle dal vivo. Continua così, ti auguro tanto successo !!! Ciao Giusy Gravante
Le tue opere mi piacciono molto, ciao ti auguro tanto successo !! Giusy Gravante

Ermenegildo Bianco (Torino, Italy)
your art is very good

Angel Rada (Durham, United Kingdom)
there`s some hidden cruelty in your proposal !!! very Avant garde !

Ea Voen (Napoli, Italy)
arlaciao thanks esere among your friends
very intereante your art and how to pubbicizzarla.
really compliments.

Hugo Breitman Antiques Gallery (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
HI Gregos!
Congratulations for your works!
Is really Amazing. I love your art concept and keep on working!
Best Regards!
Hugo Breitman Antiques Gallery

Claudia Di Palma (Italy)
It's difficult to say something about your street art concept looking only at photos. I think it's good what you do but I have
never met one of your faces in front of me. When I will go in Paris I want to see your faces! Sorry for my english

Fiman Prayudi Utama (Bandung, Indonesia)
I really like the concept of gregos' face. very brilliant and brave. did you also apply certain concepts such as social,
cultural, or political in your work? I think it could be a strong communication tool. honestly, I want to paint 1 face for you,
unfortunately I live far from your place ... keep on working, I'm sure that your artwork will always provide something
meaningful for the people who see it,,,
warm regards,

Carolina Arandia (Argentine)
hi gregos!
i really like the concept of your faces. is strong enough to see paris with faces with the tongue out, and painted in strong
colours, i think is a good way to shake up paris. i believe the faces wouldnt work so strongly in berlin, for example.. you
know what i mean?
i like the expression of the face, cause is like a joke, but not completely, the fact that the face has the eyes closed, makes
the difference.. is like introspective, but communicative at the same time.
congratulations, and keep on working!
best regards!

Christine Faucheur (Luxembourg)
Très chouette concept. J'adore !
Bonne continuation...
Je pense que le concept plairait beaucoup au Luxembourg aussi !

Andrew Lewandowki (Staint Louis, USA)
I really enjoy your work...please keep making your statements...

Carlo Di Giacomo (Roma, Italy)
Very good art concept and very nice to meet you.

Chantal Tailfer-ibanez  (Bélus, France)
good concept i love your work.

Dee Wade Hillcrest (Durban, South Africa)
I love your original Art ,I love that you are leaving a permanent statement , immortalizing yourself as a person and as an
Artist ,Love it!!!!!

Cecil Valera Caracas (Venezuela)

Gisella Edith Zamora Pizarro (Santiago, Chile)
Thanks dés Chili S.A.
Saludos a tí!
Gisella Zamora Pizarro

Cheryl A Townsend (Glasgow, United Kingdom)
Street art is always fun! Go for it!

David Rodgers (New York, USA)
i send you great wishes on your launch cheers.
Art of David Rodgers
Source :

Daniel Quiñonez (Long Beach, USA)
It is a great idea. I am an artist and wish I had the courage to do that here in Long Beach California. We are a very arts
Community and people here would appreciate this.

Johann van Heerden mooikloof (Pretoria, South Africa)
would love to see the faces /impressions on the faces of the Parisians when these masks appear on their you
do this in public areas like parks or in streets?

Claudio Parentela (Catanzaro, Italy)
Dearest Gregos...I like much your idea&art&other again...what of other have you in mind...?...I hope to be soon in Paris to
follow all your faces...
best&keep in touch
Claudio Parentela

Francesca Fini (Roma, Italy)
I think your work is brilliant

Jorge Murillo Torrico (Córdoba, Spain)
me encanta tu enlace, mis felicitaciones por tu obra tan original...un abrazo.

Myriam Belfer (Buenos aires, Argentina)
I LOVE your street concept!!! and I think that Liberté, égalité , fraternité ... we don't know yet what it means...

Alessandro Filardo (Como, Italy)
Hi gregos, i think about your's very good! is wonderful, you are very lucked to work there!
...and good luck for your future!

Klaus Arya (Solo, Indonesia)
Wow this Art Work is Brilliant mate...
Your Concept was very strong! For my opinion it's not the last visual execution (even thou u're last visual was Great) but
more in the course of action & side effect which is generate, that's way I said Brilliant! Keep It Up Mate !!

Nida Kireççi (İdkenderun, Turkey)
Very creative and can create a different perspective on the horizon, I congratulate
I'm from Turkey PosterinART, falls on what I do, much like your idea of what you do and I'd like to congratulate and I found
very colorful.
See my link PosterinART
If you like I got my designs made for you, you would like to faces Waiting for your positive and negative news I
congratulate the beginning. Thank you also to send message.Also i know artists from other countries if its usefull for
something about your project.
Very creative and can create a different perspective on the horizon, I congratulate. We can do what needs to be done
here Turkey!!

Konstantin Schönros (Stockholm, Sweden)
I wished several people to join this very creative action! Thank you for the inspiration!

Kriplay Kriply (Paris, France)

Ham Ngien Beng (Semarang, Indonesia)
steet art concept is good idea for art

Laura Perez Ferrandiz (Cardiff, United Kingdom)
HI Gregos, yes it is a nice idea... now there are so many mesages.. yes it is an idea so there are more faces to put there...
hey! yes and a lot of messages..but what if ..we put faces of all people.. in all cities of the world....with something to say...
so what is exactelly your message... mmm...Great! whatever it is I do like the idea! Laura x
Si! sigue pa' lante!!

L.P. Ponor (United Kingdom)
I wish you all good luck with your project Gregos ;)

Shine Jiang (Peking, China)
Thank you for asking my comment. Your work is very interesting. Really artistic and intriguing. I'm expecting to find them in
Paris someday~

Jarji Jandieri  
Hi Gregos, I think your concept of this painted faces is great and it will definitely will make you famous and well known for
your idea.
Jarji Jandieri
Source :

Panda Toruan (Jakarta, Indonesia)
In South East of Asia in general or Indonesia in more specific (that consist tons of tribes from Sabang to Merauke),
besides of the attractiveness .. MASK have being made for certain reasons/purposes and merely related to each customs
and traditions, whether to be colored, carved in more detailed etc. In general, usually there are "obligations" to STICK the
dark side (profile) of human personality OUT and to be used in a dance performance or as an ornament to prevent bad
Based on these, though your are far away from this distant corner .. your artworks (tears, red/blood, horns, tongue jut-out,
etc) complied with those terms and conditions. I must say ... SPLENDID !!

Eric Besson Art (France)
I agree, You're Good !
Amitié / Eric

Shu Laang Painter
I agree, the concept is pretty good & unique enough !

Shrikant Vishwakarma (Mumbai, India)
My Comment: I think its a wonderful concept from a street art perspective and with the ever growing enthusiasm in both
fans and artist himself, Gregos faces surely has the potential to do wonders in near future.

Patricia Clark Taylor (USA)
I think you have a unique idea that's worth expanding. Love the idea of colorful masks. Maybe you could design a
Florence mask, a Hong Kong mask, a New York mask, an L.A. mask, etc. Why not?

Arut Syaiful Batan (Cirebon, Indonesia)
This is not unusual and for the first time, I think it's a special color in their own street art. great work.

Nurhilal Harsa (Turkey)
I will be in Paris on 7 December, because i have a group exhibition at Carrousel de i think, i will see your art
works on the streets.I just saw your website and i like them I like your concept so much.

Myriam Belfer (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
OK... but only I can say that I LOVE your street art...

Toomas Altnurme (Tallinn, Estonia)
hello... I have been always thinking that 2d grafiti is boring and should develop it 3dimentional.. now You did it and its
great.. congratiolations.. peace and love .. Greetings from Estonia.. Tom

Andrés Cortina (Bexar, USA)
Excellent way of expression, I'm a photographer and you inspire me to go out and shoot photos, Thank´s

Xavier Massonnaud (Paris, France)
Very interesting... Thank...
You can see my last creation...
Source :

Regis Brindeau (France)
I like your concept to show on the wall of bets of the moulds paints of your face!

Jeff Roland (France)
hey Greg, i am fascinated by the way a concept installs itself, yours is simple and yet, people seem to love seeing the
masks in the streets, street art is a doorway to popular art, and it leads some people to many other forms... it proves one
thing as far as i am concerned, and it's the fact that people crave for things that are artistic and out of the ordinary, and
that they are ready for the world to be much more of a game, much more intriguing and aesthetic... so this is good news,
and I want to thank you for making us realize that again, to all the Plugs, and Banskies, and Gregoses.... hurray !!!
Maybe I should make it to the street, but before that i'll be exhibiting in Bansky's gallery in London in January, the Brick
Lane Gallery , I'll think about you there !!!
Jeff Roland

Maria Snow (Tamworth, Australia)
Gregos - this concept speaks to my intellect and heart;  creates questioning & inspires me.  as soon as i can, i will be
sending you some euros, to paint your face and glue it in this country town.  thanks & more success!!
chinchin, Maria S

Lisa Doubleyou (London, England)
I think its a great idea you have there with the faces - i'm heading to paris in january so will keep a look out for your work
around the city! :)

Angelique (Nashville, USA)
Hi Gregos,  I am an artist and just wanted to tell you that I love your idea and I am happy you are getting international
acclaim for it.  As a fellow artist, it makes me very happy to see artists become successful.  Love, Angelique Moselle Price
my website:

Dharma Barbara Rose (Tampa, USA)
your message is clear inorder to be seen for who or what we may or may not represent we are here. i love that each time
you exhibit your self its in new light of who you really are.

Juan Diaz (Naples, USA)
Hi Gregos,
As an artist myself, I like to say, great job man. I think the concept of the mask itself is great but to reinvent yourself over
and over again with different looks through the paint is magnifique.
Thank you,
Juan Diaz

María Mathamel (Spain)
Una idea original, divertida e inspiradora de nuevos conceptos del arte. Te deseo lo mejor.

Antonius Kho (Klaten, Indonesia)
you have a good idea, about your street art concept, bravo ;

Sanaz (Tehran, Iran)
wow most of them are amazing , you can also use them for theater like a performance.

Doumer Pradillon Lorillot (Rouen, France)

Ron Hust (Los Angeles, USA)
Gregos  ,I think what you are doing is great, and what a creative way to market your work and ideas. I will have to buy one.

vanilla foehn (USA)
Completely fantastic! i love the concept! <3

Alors Et Toi (Los Angeles, USA)
Hello, Gregos. I'm glad your idea is working out for you. It takes determination and persistence to achieve a desired result.
I applaud your initiative! Rest assured that if I run across one of your faces during my travels, I'll also stop to take a picture
and send to you in a hurry.
Thank you for sharing!

Vanda Lavar (Camino, USA)
Gregos! I am so enthralled by work faces.  The tongue sticking out is brillant, innovative and something I am sure we all
would like to do at times.
Thank you for emoting for all of us.

Ktatat (Ukraine)
Hi! I like your work ... My advice to you ... or suggestion ... Set some elements of its removable mask. That they can be
replaced if necessary ...

Matt Bray (United Kingdom)
hi gregos. nice idea. they look great. i wish you all the best.

Kris Rotsaert (Brugge, Belgium)
Fantastic idea. Hope you become as famous as Banksy. A pitty I am no painter but use photography for art.

Francine Lapointe (St-Jacques le-Mineur,Québec)
Excellent concept...Bonne continuation dans ton projet!
Je mets un lien sur mon site vers le tien et t'invite a voir mon travail artistique en photographie:

pedro Rascado (nede,coruña, spain)
it is a fantastic and original idea, cheers artist

DON MARTIN (Paris, France)
Very interresting concept... I expect some different one (différent faces/persons) in the future ...

Bigfatfanny (Florence, Italy)
Hallo Gregos, your Art is in your tongue,

Acid-Solutions Agence (Saint Herblain, France)
That's very good creations !
We really love your acts.
Wish you succes !
When you'll decide to come over here (Nantes) let's us know :) ....we may promote your art together ! !
good luck for futur,
Mélanie from ACID-Solutions

Art Brasso (Paris, France)
It's a great concept, just saw one of your masks on the wall to Fundation Cartier. Would like to paint my version some time.
Keep going!
Love Art

Emma Esoteric (Evansville, USA)
I love your faces, and the concept. We need more street artists all over the world!

Gary Manzo (Sault ste Marie, Canada)
I am wanting to produce several for you one each for my many Parisian friends.
I would love to create one or more for you.  I have several dear friends in Pari, that would be thrilled.  I know Jean Paul
Gauthier too, and I know he'd like it to.

Ann Foster (Scarborough, England)
would love to paint one and glue it in scarborough for ya .. also many other places in england .. x

Alexis Gc (Valencia, Spain)
I admire your work for a few months, but the idea because I do not think such an impact that lose their evolution.

Alondra Dali (Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico)

Alan Heillig (Montréal, Québec)
Hello, Greos, I just goolged your website to have a peek at your work. I've got to say you've a real talent! I could've sworn I
was looking at real people! Keep up the outstanding work!

Amy Stewart Hale  (Atlanta, USA)
As an artist with something say to an artist with say...
Gregos...You are an inspiration, and a peer I respect for standing up for your truth by allowing what drives you creatively
to follow your heart.
Amy, PennDragon Studios

Alexandra Labbaye (France)
moi je dis: faut pas arrêter d'inonder Paris.........elles sont trop belles !!! continue !! :-)))

Carole (USA)
Ingenious!!!!! Your myspace work stayed in my head for day's! Surreal and simple ....not to mention the symbolism and
the sarcasm! lol GREAT work! Good luck!

Aljoheri (Saudi Arabia)
Great creative work , i like it !

Angelique Moselle Price (Nashville, USA)
It is a fantastic idea. It is thought provoking and great marketing. I enjoyed looking at your website and as a fellow artist, I
am happy you are experiencing success!

Agnieszka ZAKRZEWICZ (Łódź, Poland)
Your website is very interesting, you are doing beautiful photographs
My personal fecebook it is